Embracing technology matters for public service

In today’s Kerrville Daily Times article titled, “Internet media could impact city election,” author John Sniffen wrote that one of the candidates — Gary Cooper for Place 3 — stated that he sees no need to have a website or use social media.

Cooper was quoted: “I do use email, but even then I print out my messages so I can answer them and stay organized… If I had a Facebook page, I probably would not use it or check it often enough for it to be effective. Even if I was running for office in Houston, I probably would not use social media.”

What’s so wrong with that? Continue reading “Embracing technology matters for public service”

Bonnie White’s American Carnage

Bonnie White paints a dark picture of America in her video monologue that appeared on a now-deleted web page before she ran for mayor. She calls it, “Where I Grew Up,” and compares modern society to her picture of an ideal community, condemning modern practices and social norms, and harking back to a time when she felt that America was closer to her vision of God. It’s a “holier than thou” rant about how modern culture has gone off course, and how times were better back then… assuming you were a middle-class, white, heterosexual Christian. Continue reading “Bonnie White’s American Carnage”